Happy 40th!

Those with long memories, or keen minds, will realise that the Laser II design is 40 years old this year - how time flies!

Sadly the design has been eclipsed in many areas, although still remaining capable of providing cheap thrills on the water.  Nevertheless, we have to face up to the fact that there is no national, or international, competitive competitor nucleus, which leaves the problem of what to do with the class association.  I'm happy to keep an eye on the website for a while longer, as there is some useful info buried there, but perhaps we should be thinking about the time to say 'so long, and thanks for all the fish'? 

Feel free to comment here (just don't mention viagra, OK?)




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Time, and the need to pay an annual World Sailing registration fee whilst not receiving any income from new boats, has finally caught up with the International Class Association finances.  With the agreement of several of the 'senior' sailors, I have run the account down to zero with a small donation to the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation, and started the process of closing the bank a/c.

For completeness, I will put a set of accounts for the last 2 years in the Forum.  (I have accounts going back to 2010, if anyone is interested.)


5749, Razer Larf

In restoring my teenagers boat i have begun employ with a sailmaker and we did a production run of beautiful new Laser2sails. If anyone needs a set -contact me directly at claygurnett@hotmail.com 

i would be interested in a owners roster for anyone needing new sail sets