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Dear Laser2 sailors & friends,

for those of you who don't know me yet: My name is Vanessa and I am the new president of the international Laser2 class (also president of the German class). I live in Northern Germany and have been sailing the Laser2 for around 10 years.  My boat is called "Geronimo" and has the sailnumber 7736.  It is my please to "meet" you all!

As most of you know, the (racing) Laser2 fleet is rather small at the moment.  We did not meet the ISAF regulations for holding a World Championship since a couple of years. This year, ISAF finally noticed it and requested us to meet their regulations in 2015 - or no longer call our events "Worlds" or "World Cahmpionship".  Which implications this might have for the international status of the class is not clear yet.  I am more than willing to organize another Worlds in 2015 to see if there is any willingness left in the class to compete internationally. Rescuing the class, however, is up to you in the end! We would need at least 30 boats from 5 different countries and 2 continents to compete in 2015. And: the more - the better!

I try my very best to organize charter boats for those coming from overseas. Please let me know if you have any furhter ideas/suggestions how I could support you to come to Germany next summer - I cannot guarntee sunshine though ;-)  I put up a section on the German Laser2 website for the Worlds:
Throughout the next months you will find additional information about the event there and I will keep you updated via e-mail.

For those of you who currently do not race the Laser2 actively yet, please note that we are a fun class :-)  We do not race against each other, but rather with each other. Laser2 racing is about sailing together, having fun and drinking a beer (or 2) together afterwards.  There is really no need to fear Laser2 racing! As long as you can handle a Laser2 you can certainly come to the Worlds and have fun wih us.

But not only for the World Championship in 2015 I am interested in getting Laser2 sailors around the world together. We sail a great boat which allows a lot of fun on the water with limited investements (time- and money-wise) - this is not true for many classes. There are Laser2s all over the world and it is great fun to meet and sail together. For this purpose I asked you to register your boats and many of you did already - thanks! For those of you who have not registered yet and want to be part of the international Laser2 familiy, please go to
Please forward this link to your Laser2 friends.

I hope to see you all (that would make around 80 boats from 9 countries and 3 continents) at the Worlds in 2015.
Take care,


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I am happy to present you our intention to compete form (Thanks to Matthias who did the programming). Please take a look at our website:

If you plan to come to the Worlds 2015 please fill in the form. This helps us to organize and plan everything. Moreover, all of you can see who else is there and that it IS worth going to meet some very nice people The form also allows you to indicate if you need a charter boat – this is meant for people from overseas only. This is no formal registration but your help is much appreciated – and it is fun.

By the way: the entry fee will be 200-240€ per boat – I will let you know you the exact amount as soon as I know.

Also new on the website a job description as we need a measurer for the event - so if there are any volunteers out there, please get in touch. It is surely the greatest summe holiday job EVER!


5749, Razer Larf

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Dear all,
only a little more than 2 months until our Laser2 World Championship 2015 in Travemuende!

The Notice Of Race (NOR) is now online and also the online registration is opened (both available in English and German):

To register for the Worlds you will need to sign up for "Manage 2 Sail" first, if you are not yet registered (see above link). Please let me know if you need assistance with the registration.
Please note: If you register and pay until the 16th June, the entry fee is much lower than if you register later on (230€ vs. 300€)!

Here is some more information that you might find interesting:

Travemuende is a great sailing venue, usually with sufficient wind and maybe some waves. We will do a total of 15 races between 22nd and 26th of July. Our race officer is not only very experienced but also a former Laser2 sailor - he knows how to handle us ;-)
Every boat will get a GPS tracker and they record all our races. Your friends and family at home can watch your sailing and you can analyze the races in the evenings. You will see your course, your speed, distances, number of tacks etc.
At one day we will sail on the SAP racing course. In addition to the GPS tracking there will be on-board cameras for some of us and drones / motorboats with cameras, too. There will be a livestream of our races on a huge screen ashore. We will get a chance to view the videos in the evening after sailing.

Campsites for tents and small camper vans are avaiable near our boats; larger campers will be a little further away (but only 2 minutes to walk). We will likely all be in the same camping area so that we can easily join each others in the evenings. Do not forget to sign up for the camping (if required) when registering! Later on, we cannot guarantee that there are spaces available. If you prefer other accomodation, please check the information on the website:
Let me know if you need any assistance in booking your accomodation.

Oh yeah, this is the best part: One evening, we will have a BBQ at the beach club with a raffle. Great prizes like a Laser2 undercover, a centerboard bag and other useful things wait for you (Thanks to our sponsors!!!). Moreover. we will be invited by the city of Luebeck to a reception at the historic ship "Passat" at one evening. Watching the videos from the SAP racecourse will keep us busy another evening. And of course there is the prize giving ceremony in the end. By the way: There is a nice and useful present for every participant which you receive upon arrival.
Indepents from the Laser2 events, there is a lot live music and other events for the whole family around for the week. Also, if you bring your family they can join our BBQ and other class events (please buy additional tickets upon arrival).

Sure enough, we will have a fantastic week :-)
I am looking forward to see you all in Travemuende soon. Please do not hesitate to contact me in the meantime iy you have any questions!

Best regards,

-- Deutsche Laser 2 Klassenvereinigung e.V. Vanessa Freitag - Vorsitzende




5749, Razer Larf

Hi Vanessa! Im a big fan of yours. I hope to see you in one of the tournas Im about to join in the future.

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It would be fun to see some updates in the site too!

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