Off my trolley

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Off my trolley

My launching trolley did not survive the "Boxing Day Breezer" . Does anyone know if a laser 1 trolley would do as a stopgap?


thanks chaps.



Im acctually in the same

Im acctually in the same situation Dave. How did it work out for you? /George

Hello happy people

I did manage to use the

I did manage to use the trolley from my brother's Laser to bring the old girl back from the scene of the disaster but the gunwales stand a hand's breadth higher than the T pieces on the trolley and pulling her along one has to keep the bow very low to avoid graunching the transom on the ground. 

I did look at West Mersea Trailers (they're down the road from me) who do a purpose built trolley (and road base but I can't afford that) but they don't deliver and the rep at the boat show quoted me a higher "special Boat Show price" that was 35 quid higher than the one on the website.

I'm in the latter stages of saving up for one from Trident (who deliver free - but you'll need a spanner to put the thing together)

Now if I could just get some time off work and persuade my crew that the water isn't really cold... ?


"...If not duffers, won't drown"


The headwaters of Poo Creek. Still no paddle.

Thank you for the reply

Thank you for the reply Sweden! Much appreciated!



Spela på och om du vill vill spela utan konto. Annars kan du testa att spela på där du hittar alla casinosidor mellan himmel och jord.

Hello happy people

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