2021 AGM - Proposal to Wind-Up the Class Association

2012 AGM Appendices 1 and 2

Notes to the AGM notice which I will post in the forum section.

The last minuted AGM of your association took place in 2012: minutes appended below.  Since that time Mike Clapp has continued to look after the financial assets
of the association, and I have kept the website / forum running, albeit with little new information.

Last year, the decision was made to close down the International Class Association, its financial assets of £77 being donated to the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation.  After some deliberation, partly brought on by our current bank (HSBC) wishing to charge for our current account, Mike Clapp and I think that the UK Class Association should also be wound up, but with the website / forum kept running, via an advanced payment to our host, until 2029 when the design will be 50 years old.
Unlike the International Class Association, the UK Association has more significant financial assets, of the order of £2600 to date. After paying for the next 8yrs website hosting, we are likely to be left with circa £1800. Section 12 of the constitution says:
12. Dissolution
If upon the winding up or dissolution of the National Association, there remains, after the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities, any property whatsoever, the same shall not be paid out or distributed amongst the members of the National Association but shall be given to or transferred either to some institution or institutions having objects similar to the objects of the National Association or to a charity.  Such institution(s) or charity to be determined by the members of a National Association by resolution passed at a General meeting at or before the time of dissolution.

Discussion amongst known current racers has suggested a couple of possible beneficiaries, resulting in the second proposal on the agenda which will also formally wind up the association.

I hope this is clear, but if not then please contact me. Hope to see some of you on Teams on Thursday 25 November at 8pm.

Minutes of the 27th Laser II Class Association AGM held at The Belmont Appartment, Abersoch on 25 July 2012
In Attendance: Jude Baird (JB), Fred Fuller (FF), Chris Foster (CF), Diana Croker (DC) and Mike Croker (MC).
Apologies for Absence: Had been received from Mike Clapp and Andrew Whapshott.
Minutes of Last Meeting: The minutes of the 2011 AGM were accepted as a true record.
Chairman's Report: No report: the post is vacant.
Treasurer's Report: See Appendices 1 and 2.  The relatively large sum for publicity in 2011 was the cost of sharing a stand at the London Dinghy Show.
Mike Clapp was thanked for his report which was approved by the meeting.
Secretary's Report: Their was no formal report, but MC had received a list of 22 names from the previous secretary, being a list of members for 2011 and 2012. For the purposes of this meeting it was assumed that one half were likely to be bone fide members for 2012, so the meeting was quorate according to the Association's rule 7h.
Website Report: MC said that the new website was up and running. The cost was £350 and there would also be a £60pa fee for hosting and maintenance. All comments about content would be gratefully received by MC. 
Elections: No elections for committee posts were held, but Mike Clapp is willing to continue as Treasurer and MC will continue to administer the web site.
Proposals: After a short discussion, the following proposals were approved 'nem con':
i) Rule 4b be amended to read (additional text in italics):
'4b. Full membership shall, upon payment of the prescribed annual subscription, be open to any person interested in the Laser II Class who has registered on the UK Class Association website and is resident in the United Kingdom.'
ii) Individual membership of the UK Class Association shall be free until such time as the Association deems fit to change it.
Any Other Business: There had been requests from the German and Dutch class associations for the UK to host the 2013 World Championships. In view of the paucity of active UK class association members, it was thought that the only way this could happen would be either a) to tag on to an existing club's open dinghy week or b) to find a club willing to run a 3 day event (FF thought that Loch Ryan Sailing Club, near Stranraer in SW Scotland, would be willing to run such an event). In either case the UK association would organise a single evening's entertainment for World's competitors.
Option a) would probably be just one class race per day, usually off a club line (rather than a true windward start) on a non-olympic style course. Option b) would be a short event, by recent standards (and Stranraer is a fair way from most North Sea ferry ports).
MC offered to contact the German and Dutch class associations (and the International president) with these suggestions. CF offered to investigate dinghy week options. Action MC & CF
CF proposed a vote of thanks to MC for his efforts, and the meeting closed at circa 8pm.