High School Sailing Team

My son and his mates are restoring a 1986 Canadian built Laser 2 as a trainer here in NYC. We are having sails built for us by a factory in Asia and we need sail pattern dimensions etc (as they cannot locate the pattern or dimensions) -obviously we dont need to adhere necessarily to class specifications and this is a rare opportunity to have essentially a custom built sail set of the most modern and high performance standard . (A internatioNal online scavenger hunt only produced a main and a spinny (our loft said they were really not in such good shape although usable after 30yrs...) the sail maker has agreed to wholesale us these sails at a very low cost so this is a huge help. Can you or anyone associated get is the exact dimensions and any recommendations for improvements on the original?? The kids are incorporating all data into a comprehensive restoration manual and working schematits into their engineering program and animation programs. see what you can come up with for us ? Many Tbanks. cheers-Clay ⛵️😎
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